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The 1987 Monkey Wrench Gang Calendar

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The Dream Garden Press edition of The Monkey Wrench Gang issued in the Spring of 1985, with illustrations by Robert Crumb, was an immediate success and the first edition of 5,000 copies sold out. A second printing came out in the fall of 1985 and at that time Ken Sanders asked Crumb to do some additional MWG artwork including a color cover for publication in a Monkey Wrench Gang Calendar.

In 1986, the 1987 Monkey Wrench Gang Calendar was published and was a complete disaster. It didn't sell and most of the copies were later sent to the paper recyclers. Ken lost almost $20,000 on that fiasco. Needless to say it didn't become an annual calendar like the Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendar.

Later, in 1990 when the book was republished, Ken added the additional calendar art to the new edition of the book. Although the book has stayed in print for over ten years now and the Crumb artwork continues to sell well on t-shirts, almost nobody bought the calendar. There's more interest in it now than there was then.You can still get hold of the calendar from Dream Garden Press.


Click on any these images to see it in full size (JPEG-format, about 60Kb):

Seldom Seen cutting fence Seldom Seen Smith kneeling Hayduke in bar brawl Ed & Crumb side by side
"Always cut fence!"
Seldom Seen and Hayduke cleaning up the west.
"Please Lord, ........."
Seldom Seen praying for a "pre-cision earthquake"
"Hi! I'm a hippie!"
Hayduke introducing himself to the customers in the bar.
Robert Crumb with Ed in Arches National Park March 24th, 1985

These images are: Copyright (c) 1995 Dream Garden Press and are used by permission.
Kudos to Mike Jewell for scanning and supplying the images.


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