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Ed Abbey's truck auctioned at SUWA fund raiser!

Ed with truck. Copyright Jack Dykinga.

Ed with truck. Copyright Jack Dykinga.
Classic photographs
of Ed with his truck.
Copyright Jack Dykinga.

Ed's widow Clarke Abbey graciously donated his 1973 Ford F100 pickup truck to be auctioned at a fund raiser for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. The auction was held in Salt Lake City on August 16, 1998 and the truck was bought by SUWA-member and RS2477-activist Gail Hoskisson of Salt Lake City. Gail, who is a frequent contributor on the abbeyweb mailing list, says:

"Ed spoke with a clear strong voice for the preservation of the incredible Southwestern landscape. SUWA speaks in the same clear strong voice for protection of those lands within Utah. It was my pleasure to donate $26,500 to SUWA Sunday night for a truck Ed paid $2,925 for 25 years ago. Ed still speaks of the grandeur of wilderness in his writings. SUWA addresses the threats to that wilderness each and every day."

Reportedly, Ed had quite a few adventures in this truck. We hope to add some details to this page in the near future. For example, the front damage is apparently from when Ed once collided with another car out in the middle of the desert. Of all people, it turned out that the other car was driven by his friend Jack Loeffler...

This is how the truck looks right now.
Click on images for a larger size.
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"How to Avoid Pleurisy: Never make love to a girl named Candy on the tailgate of a half-ton Ford pickup during a chill rain in April out on Grandview Point in San Juan County, Utah."

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