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'My People'
Edward Abbey's Appalachian Roots in Indiana County, Pennsylvania

by James M. Cahalan


This article was originally published in Pittsburgh History, Fall 1996 (vol. 79, no. 3: 92-107) and Winter 1996/97 (vol. 79, no. 4: 160-78), and appears here with the kind permission of its editor, Paul Roberts. To receive those two issues of the magazine (including Abbey cover photos and numerous other photos, maps and articles), send $13 to Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania (attention Darlene Vargo), 1212 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 454-6405. You can print out this form and fill in the details.

This article is copyright 1996 by Pittsburgh History and James M. Cahalan.

The adaptation of this article to the WWW is copyright 1997 by Christer Lindh.

All photographs and maps are protected by copyright and deserve credit as follows:

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